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We take the worry out of Environmental, Health & Safety compliance

We provide practical environmental and safety solutions that solve problems unique to your workplace.  Our products are industry leading and tested to meet the highest international standards. We help your organization stay in compliance with Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Regulations.  Our products provide you with the gratification of knowing you are doing the “right thing” for the environment and the safety of your employees.

Plant Nappy

The plant nappy has been designed to improve the commonly used spill prevention products. Rather than just merely containing spills, contaminates are absorbed into the base layer or liner of the Plant Nappy, which truly contains spills inside its layers rather than storing it in an additional container which could be prone to spilling or breaking. The top layer of the internal base and liners redirect water to the sidewalls which filter out the contaminates while allowing clean water to pass through. No longer would rainfall lead to your spill prevention measures being rendered ineffective and leading to the pollution of our environment.

The Plant Nappy comes in three sizes, with custom sizes available.

External dimensions – 500mm x 685mm (19.7″ x 27″)
Internal dimensions – 460mm x 645mm (18.1″ x 25.4″)
Absorbs 2 litres of hydrocarbons

External dimensions – 1000mm x 685mm (39.4″x27″)
Internal dimensions – 960mm x 645mm (37.8″ x 25.4″)
Absorbs 4.5 litres

External dimensions – 2000mm x 1370mm (78.7″ x 53.9″)
Internal dimensions – 1960mm x 1330mm (77.2″ x 52.4″)
Absorbs 16 litres

BlueRinse Concrete Washout System

Environmental awareness of the high pH hazard caused when mixing concrete, grouts and cements with wash water has increased in recent years. Containing and accumulating the wash water mix creates an even more significant health hazard to site workers. Wash water can be either treated and discharged on-site or shipped off-site as a waste product.  Our BlueRinse Concrete Washout System has been developed to help workers on all sizes of construction sites treat, recycle and re-use their wash water to avoid hazardous storage and costly accumulation.


GTR Premium

GTR® Premium is a new generation stripper. It has been developed to meet the new regulations in force.

This product is very effective in removing residues from concrete, cement and mold release or storage oils. It is therefore ideal product for the maintenance of construction equipment in complete safety!

It is less aggressive than other products on the market based on citric, hydrochloric and phosphoric acid, which increases safety during its use. It has been designed to meet the different requirements of applicators in terms of efficiency and safety.


DryAdd is a finely graded copolymer especially designed to dry up geotechnical and environmental liquids, self levelling soils, silts and sludges, in order to allow the material to be stacked and handled as a full payload solid rather than a reduced-payload, troublesome self levelling substance.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Allows runny and self levelling material to be moved as solid using common earthmoving techniques
  • Allows full payload mucking away
  • Negligible bulking (less than 2%)

Start Right 360 Walk Around System

The Start Right 360 Walk Around System was developed to ensure compliance when performing vehicle pre-trip inspections. The peace of mind you as a business owner will receive with our system will allow you to sleep soundly knowing that all your employees are performing their walk around inspections each and every time they enter a vehicle.

Never again will you have to wonder if your equipment is being maintained and inspected properly. With our easy to use Dashboard you can monitor and manage your fleet from anywhere!

Features Include

  • Mobile or Industrial versions available
  • Disabling Option Available
  • iPhone and Android Ready
  • Rigid Durability Testing
  • Customized Inspection Checklist
  • Verifiable Reporting
  • Easy To Use Dashboard
  • Customizable Packages
  • On-Call Support
  • Custom Integrations with Existing Fleet Management Software

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Our Vision 

Working with industry to create innovative, practical and attainable, Environmental, Health and safety solutions for companies throughout North America.

Our Mission

Our company’s foundation is built on our values, which distinguish us and guide our actions. We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. We respect environmental and safety legislation by providing our customers the highest standard of practical environmental and safety solutions.

Prevent Safety Incidents and Increase Safety Standards:
We implement technology and procedures that provide a measurable way to increase productivity while decreasing vehicle related injuries and accidents. 

Collaborate Using Personalized Solutions:

NES has proudly partnered with National Safety Solutions. Our joint venture allows us to bring you innovative Safety Technology while we work closely with you to ensure you achieve measurable results. 

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